I recommended The Phoenix Project to one of my friends and she read it recently. She […]
I’ve had a bit of trouble mentoring team members in the past, especially when they’re not […]
Continuous Learning and Improvement Without having a large enough team to warrant having a specialist for […]
I saw this and thought that this is a great idea. Since there doesn’t seem to […]
Here we dive into the specifics of how your tech debt is generated.
Everyone isn’t Stupid, They’re Just Asking Questions About Stuff You’re Good At I had a really […]
People, especially IT people from smaller organizations get confused when I say our expertise is networking […]
As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a huge fan of the Toyota way. One of the biggest […]
Technical Capital The concept of technical debt comes from the idea that you haven’t paid down […]
Just like financial debt, technical debt is a tool to use. You can easily misuse this […]