Technology Is Holding Your Business Back

Your organization has outgrown the capabilities of your current design and hardware. Implementations run into more technical difficulties than you feel they should. What’s possible at other companies is not possible at your own.

Disruptions to Operations

Technology failures are turning into business problems.

Ever Increasing Time Taken to Resolve Issues

Replacements and repairs are taking longer and longer to implement. Sometimes they’re no longer possible and you HAVE to upgrade to get back on track.

How Else Can a Hardware Refresh Help? – Avoid Owning “Classic” Hardware

Reduce Cost

Owning a classic car is a lot of responsibility. They cost more to maintain than your standard car because not only does it get harder to find replacement parts with time, it becomes harder to find expertise to assist with repairing them.

Increase Performance

Owning classic tech hardware does not help your business. It comes with all the pains of owning a classic car and none of the benefits. Both classic cars and tech hardware does not perform as well as their modern counterparts. While you might not mind cruising down the boulevard in your classic car in your spare time, when it comes to business you need something that will perform the best.

Take this opportunity to align your technology to your new and growing technology needs

WiFi is a fantastic example of this. Before, WiFi was considered a nice-to-have or a convenience. Very few people used it, and if they did, they were just doing something light like checking their e-mail before going back to their desk.

Today, it’s considered an absolute necessity. The WiFi being down can be just as disruptive to your organization as the internet itself going down. Not only are more people using wireless than before, they need higher bandwidth connections. More devices rely on wireless with IOT.

The wireless design in the early 2000’s is not ready to handle the needs of today’s technology landscape.

e-Mayhem Has the Expertise to Assist With Your Hardware Refresh Needs

We have years of experience helping other organizations like yours refresh your technology hardware. Our team specializes in performing on-time and on-budget custom built solutions, tailored for your business’ needs. e-Mayhem helps companies successfully deliver business projects. We also help companies avoid losses associated with IT disruptions and security threats. You can learn more about our services at or you can contact us or send us an email to

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